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Welcome to the website (hereinafter, Asialink Store). Asialink Store is owned by the company WORXFLY SL:, with CIF B04812509 and registered office at Calle Velazquez, 27 - PISO 1 IZ, Madrid, 28001, Madrid

The company is registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid in volume XXX, page XXX, page XX-XXXX. The access and use of Asialink Store is regulated by this LEGAL NOTICE, so we recommend that you read it carefully. 

Using Asialink Store 

Accessing and using Asialink Store implies, on the one hand, the attribution of the condition of User; and, on the other hand, the acceptance of this LEGAL NOTICE. This will be understood without prejudice of other particular conditions that could be contemplated in Asialink Store for other services, such as, for example, the purchase of products.

If the User does not agree with any of the conditions contained in this notice, he must stop using Asialink Store immediately.

The User is solely responsible for accessing, browsing and using Asialink Store. We ask the User to communicate, as soon as possible, any fact or circumstance known to them that could be suspected of violating the rights of third parties or any other anomaly detected in Asialink Store, by email sent to the address rcm @

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights 

Asialink Store is the exclusive owner of the exploitation rights of Intellectual Property (specifically, reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation) on all the elements contained in Asialink Store that are subject of this discipline. Specifically, in an exemplary manner, but not limited, are included within this protected content all texts, graphics, drawings, designs, codes, software, photographic works, mere photographs, music, videos, sounds, databases and content images on any of the pages and subpages of Asialink Store. 

Likewise, the Industrial Property of the distinctive signs, designs and inventions contained in Asialink Store that are the object of this discipline also belongs to Asialink Store. 

Asialink Store in no case authorizes the download or use by third parties with commercial character, and / or for purposes that are not strictly private and not lucrative, of the assets protected by Intellectual Property and / or by Industrial Property to which the two refer previous paragraphs, unless an express authorization, assignment or license is granted and in writing by Calle Velazquez, 27 - PISO 1 IZ, Madrid, 28001, Madrid for each specific case. 

In no case will it be understood that access and navigation of the User by Asialink Store implies a renunciation, transmission, license or total or partial cession of said Intellectual and / or Industrial Property rights by ASIALINK STORE. 

In case of contradiction or interpretative disparity between what is foreseen in this LEGAL NOTICE and what is stated or arranged in any dAsialink Store section, the foreseen in the first one will always prevail. 

Processing of personal data 

It is possible that ASIALINK STORE has to collect personal data through Asialink Store at some point, such as through the purchase process. 

The collection and processing of personal data of the User will be governed by the provisions of the PRIVACY POLICY provided in Asialink Store, which must always be expressly accepted by the User prior to the provision of such data. It is recommended for these purposes to visit the PRIVACY POLICY for more information. 

Purchase products through the web 

Among the services that ASIALINK STORE offers to the User in Asialink Store is the purchase of products through its electronic contracting, which will generally be characterized by a first order and contracting through Asialink Store and a subsequent payment, postponed, to through, usually, bank transfer. 

In any case, the particular conditions that govern the relationship between ASIALINK STORE and the User that contracts the purchase of products through Asialink Store are included in the GENERAL CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE. 


ASIALINK STORE can not guarantee the User the reliability or proper functioning of Asialink Store, nor the absolute absence of viruses or harmful components. However, ASIALINK STORE declares that it has adopted all the necessary measures, within its possibilities and the state of the technology, to guarantee the correct and adequate functioning of Asialink Store, and undertakes, as far as possible, to take a diligence normal in the rectification of possible errors that may occur. 

Third party links 

It is likely that the User can find in Asialink Store links to other web pages that are managed by third parties, for example relating to social networks.

ASIALINK STORE makes available these links in Asialink Store to offer a more complete browsing experience to the User, but ASIALINK STORE can not be held responsible for the content of the websites to which such links may link, as they are not managed by ASIALINK STORE. With the acceptance of this LEGAL NOTICE, the User declares to be aware of this circumstance.


ASIALINK STORE reserves the right to modify and / or adapt without prior notice Asialink Store or this LEGAL NOTICE at any time, for any reason it deems appropriate. Therefore, the User is recommended to read these conditions on each of the occasions in which they intend to use Asialink Store, as they may have been modified. 

Safeguard clause 

In the event that any provision or provisions of these general conditions are considered null and void or inapplicable, in whole or in part, by any Court, Court or competent administrative body, said nullity or inapplication will not affect the other provisions of the general conditions or the possible particular conditions of the different possible services of ASIALINK STORE, to the extent that the remaining conditions could subsist. 

Jurisdiction and jurisdiction 

The relationship established between ASIALINK STORE and the User in accordance with these conditions will be governed by the provisions of Spanish legislation.